About Us​

Deltada offers a full range of services for companies to build and optimize their internal processes. Our success is a direct result of combining our experienced employees' professionalism, accessibility, and affordability to help your company achieve its development goals.

The honesty, reliability, and integrity of Deltada help us provide high-quality services to companies of all sizes. Since each business has its specifics, we customize and tailor our services to your budget and needs.

Our Services


Our consultants work effectively with our clients providing the experience and assistance needed to define, select, and achieve goals. Our consultants use the accumulated best practices to achieve maximum efficiency of the company's internal processes and operations.

Deltada helps businesses identify the goals, financial investments required, the expected benefits, and the corresponding risks of doing and expanding business in a particular industry. Deltada evaluates the strategic aspect of our clients' business development and unites stakeholders through communication channels, raising awareness, assuring, and involving all participants in business relations.


Our qualified managers and economists compile a detailed report of recommendations and specific proposals that relate not only to existing business problems but also to other issues identified in the process of our cooperation.

Deltada's audit services are organized according to standardized modules (functional, productive, etc.), which can be conducted under the context of the needs of your business. Each audit is accompanied by a detailed description of the expected benefits from the implementation of our recommendations and identifies advanced methodologies for planning, restructuring, and optimizing the internal processes of the business.


Our specialists are always available for full technical and functional client support. Deltada will become your personal financial and operational advisor and will take into account any request for the necessary assistance to improve the business's profitability. Our team will provide high-quality business services and effective communication.

Deltada conducts a detailed analysis of tax policy, helps establish the accounting process and separately considers the possibility of improving the business's operating, investment, and financial activities.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide businesses with the best possible management services for their prosperity and high profitability.

Our vision is to inform and inspire businesses worldwide to launch a new era of economic development, growth, and productivity of companies.


Rådhuspladsen 16, 1550 Copenhagen, Denmark

+45 36 96 07 66

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